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The first dissertation approved by our department was published by Samuel Sparling in 1896. Since then, our graduate students have been creating scholarly, often award-winning, works that expand expertise and generate new ideas in the field of political science.

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Mabra Abernathy (1953)

The Right of Assembly

Lorentz Henning Adolfson (1942)

The County Clerk in Wisconsin

Roger Anderson (1971)

The Functional Role of Governors and Their States in the Political Development of Mexico, 1940-1964

Thornton Hogan Anderson (d. 1998) (1948)

Brooks Adams, Constructive Conservative

Ben Albert Arneson (d. 1958) (1916)

Civil Service Reform in State Administration

Adam Auerbach (2013)

Demanding Development: Democracy, Community Governance, and Public Goods Provision in India’s Urban Slums

James Duff Barnett (d. 1957) (1905)

State Administrations of Taxation in Wisconsin

Galina Belokurova (2015)

When Does Business Turn Violent? Evidence from Postcommunist Russia Scott Gehlbach, Kathryn Hendley, Nils Ringe, David Weimer, Theodore Gerber December 4, 2015

Larry Charles Berkson (1973)

The Concept of Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Jennifer Brick Murtazashvili (2009)

The Microfoundations of State Building: Informal Institutions and Local Public Goodsin Rural Afghanistan

Jennifer Brookhart (2016)

Walk the Talk: Representational Rhetoric and Behavior in the U.S. House David Canon (chair), Howard Schweber, Byron Shafer, Alexander Tahk, Dhavan Shah May 4, 2016

Maynard Wilson Brown (d. 1937) (1936)

American Public Opinion and European Armaments 1912-14

Stephen Robert Burant (1983)

A Theory of Revolutionary Conspiracy

Howard Black Calderwood, Jr. (1929)

International Protection of Minorities in National States

Daniel Bernard Carroll (d. 1959) (1930)

The Unicameral Legislature of Vermont

Dennis Julius Cohen (1975)

Poverty and Development in Jakarta

Richard Cortner (1961)

The Wagner Act Cases

Ulysses Grant Dubach (d. 1972) (1913)

State Administration of Health

Cortez Arthur Milton Ewing (d. 1962) (1927)

British Labor Party Policy, 1918 to 1925

Russell Humke Fitzgibbon (d. 1979) (1933)

Cuba and the United States, 1900-1935

Emily Albrink Fowler (1975)

Social Justice: substance and procedure

Lynn Fredriksson (2016)

Why should you recognize us? Somaliland's Pursuit of Recognition via Adherence to International Norms and Law Aili Tripp (chair), Helen Kinsella, Nadav Shelef, Erica Simmons, Heinz Klug July 18, 2016

B. Robert Gingerich (2014)

The Liturgy of Localism

Jonathan Graubart (2002)

Transnational Activism and Soft Law Mobilization: Giving Significance to NAFTA's Labor and Environmental Accords

Adolf Gutzke Gundersen (1991)

Finding the Kosmos in the Agora

Simon Haeder (2016)

Does Policy Analysis Matter? The Role of Expertise in State Policymaking David Weimer (chair), Barry Burden, Eleanor Powell, Byron Shafer, Susan Yackee July 14, 2016

Roger Hamburg (1965)

The Soviet Union and Latin America

Henry Hart (1950)

The Missouri Basin

Harry Ewald Heeren (1914)

Judicial Control over Legislation in Australia and Canada

Paul Heppe (1956)

The Liberal Party of Canada

Dell Gillette Hitchner (1940)

Civil Liberties in England from 1914 to 1940

Henry Lorenzo Janes (d. 1951) (1906)

The Extension of French Laws to the Colonies

Eldon Lee Johnson (1938)

Unionism in the Federal Service

Yujin Kim (2014)

The Dynamics of Party Issue Reputations

Leah Larson-Rabin (2015)

Risking a Drink from the Poisoned Cup: How Pollution and Coercive Politics Shape Actions and Institutions in Rural China Kathryn Hendley (chair), Melanie Manion, Erica Simmons, Sida Liu, John Ohnesorge December 14, 2015

Ruoxi Li (2015)

Multiple Representation in the U.S. Congress David Canon (chair), Barry Burden, Eleanor Powell, Alexander Tahk, Susan Webb Yackee August 5, 2015

Bernhard Olaf Johan Linnevold (1949)

The Wisconsin Cheese Industry and Government

Jinjie Liu (2015)

The Property Rights Coalitions and Redistributive Institutions: The Political Economy of Stock Market Regulatory Regime Change in China Melanie Manion (chair), Scott Gehlbach, Nils Ringe, John Ohnesorge, Barry Naughton July 20, 2015

David Manwaring (1959)

The Flag Salute Litigation

Benjamin Marquez (1983)

Power and Politics in a Chicano Barrio

John Brown Mason (1929)

The Legal Status of the Free City of Danzig

Jerry McCaffery (1972)

The Politics of Tax Exemption

Mario Romano Mion (1975)

Citizenship in the American Experience

Stephen R Mitchell (1961)

Mr. Justice Horace Gray

John Morrison (1987)

Divergence From State Failure in Africa: The Relative Success of Botswana's Cattle Sector

Felix A. Nigro (1948)

Senate Confirmation

Jeffrey Obler (1970)

Candidate Selection in Belgium

Jeffrey Orenstein (1971)

The Tradition of Individualist Revolt

Nicholas Picard (1977)

Menominee Termination and Restoration

Rene Wentworth Pinto (1927)

The Pan American Union

Leonard Niel Plummer (1940)

The Political Leadership of Henry Watterson

Ralph Elliot Purcell (1949)

Government and Art in the United States

Harold Scott Quigley (d. 1968) (1916)

The Immunity of Private Property from Capture at Sea

Douglas Rae (1966)

The Politics of Electoral Law

Kerry Ratigan (2013)

Authoritarian Governance, Decentralization, and State Legitimacy: Healthcare Reform in Rural China

Paul Samuel Reinsch (d. 1923) (1898)

English Common Law in the Early American Colonies

Frederick William Rhynhart (1975)

Community Control and Democratic Theory

Allan Frederic Saunders (d. 1989) (1927)

The Judicial System of Scotland

Waldo Schumacher (d. 1960) (1923)

The Direct Primary in Wisconsin

Jasper Berry Shannon (1934)

Henry Clay as a Political Leader

Krishnarao Shivarao Shelvankar (1929)

The Idea of Equality: an Historical and Analytical Study

Kathleen Staudt (1976)

Agricultural Policy, Political Power, And Women Farmers in Western Kenya

Peter Stavrakis (1986)

Soviet Policy in Greece, 1944-1949

Michael Suleiman (1965)

Political Parties in Lebanon

Richard Gordon Tillema (1974)

Apartheid in South African education

Ben Toff (2016)

The Blindscorekeepers: Journalism, Polling, and the Battle to Define Public Opinion in American Politics Katherine Cramer (chair), Barry Burden, Dhavan Shah, Michael Wagner, Young Mie Kim, Charles Franklin May 9, 2016

Brandon Turner (2008)

Antagonism in the Liberal Tradition

Inken von Borzyskowski (2014)

A Double-Edged Sword: The Effects of International Assistance on Election Violence.

Benjamin Bruce Wallace (d. 1947) (1911)

Origin and Development of Village Government in New York

John On-Fat Wong (1982)

Security requirements in Northeast Asia

Katherine Dorothy Kleuter Wood (1929)

International Regulation of Migration

Se-Hyoung Yi (2014)

Deliberative Harmony in Aeschylus’ Oresteia and Mengzi’s Mengzi

Jennifer Zeimke (2008)

From Battles to Massacres

Paul Zernicke (1989)

Presidential Roles and Rhetoric

Raymond Theodore Zillmer (d. 1960) (1914)

Uniform Legislation in the United States

Cai Zuo (2014)

Welfare Distribution Without Voters: The Local Political Economy of Welfare Reform in China

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